Music Review: – Bradley Gillis

Artist: Bradley Gillis
Single: “Santa Claus is Rockin?”

It’s December and Christmas is drawing closer every day. People are putting up their Christmas trees, and festive decorations and lights bask the ever growing night in a warm and friendly glow. Some even have lots of snow and ice and are eager to get out and have some winter fun. The parties and gatherings are more frequent, and time spent with those most special to us becomes the focal point of our free time. It is all of these elements that make a fantastic Christmas song. Well, that and the big guy in the red suit. And Irish-based singer Bradley Gillis brings all of this together to create a new Christmas song that you really should add to your holiday playlist.

Originally from NYC, Bradley Gillis is now based in Ireland, where he met songwriter Glen Shire who wrote ?Santa Claus is Rockin?.? Produced by Simon Shire, the song includes the efforts of about 70 talented musicians, including the nationally renowned, award winning twenty piece children’s choir Piccolo Lasso, an orchestral section, powerhouse backing singers and top Irish musicians/producers who have worked with Van Morrison, Genesis, The Cranberries, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Westlife, Chris Rea, U2, Imelda May, Mike and the Mechanics, Riverdance and many more.

The accompanying music video, which can be found here, was directed by Maurice Linnane, who has filmed documentaries for U2, The Cranberries, and Foo Fighters. The video is brilliant and features everything that you’d want to see in a Christmas video. Yet, what I loved most about the video was how Linnane captured all of the people working together to bring this song and video together. That is the essence of a true Christmas song, bringing people together.

“Santa Claus is Rockin?” also has lots of other sounds that inspire images and feelings of the wonder and excitement that surround the holiday season, especially for children. And is also intended to be a reminder for adults about what made the holidays so wonderful when they were children. The song is uplifting, playful, and fun, with a fusion of pop, jazz, and rock. Just what is needed at this time of year.

However, the song is also meant to remind listeners that there are many that aren’t as fortunate and who find the holidays especially tough. Therefore, all proceeds from the song will be going to Ireland’s largest children’s charity, Barnardos. The message of cheer and goodwill is clear in the heartfelt creation and distribution of “Santa Claus is Rockin?,” and I think that, considering that this song has been played on the radio in Ireland, the UK, US, and the Netherlands, the message is reaching wide and far.

So this holiday season, why not add a new Christmas song to compliment those old favourites, and give a little back in the process. “Santa Claus is Rockin?” can be purchased here for 1 Euro or $1.45 CAD.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.