Editorial – Happy Holidays!

Just before we get going here, I have to point out and apologize for an error that was made in the last issue. We said (or more particularly, I did, as I write the opening blurb for the Meeting the Minds column) that Dr. Diehl-Jones is with AU’s Faculty of Health Sciences. This was a mistake. AU doesn’t have a Faculty of Health Sciences, we instead have a Faculty of Health Disciplines. It might seem like a minor thing, but when I asked Dr. Margaret Edwards, the Dean of the Faculty, about the difference, she pointed out that the term Health Disciplines better reflects the practiced-based nature of the faculty’s programs as opposed to a pure science approach.

So now you know.

With that done, welcome to the final issue of The Voice Magazine for 2015! Christmas and New Years is a holiday for us as it is for the rest of AU, which means the next issue, the “Best Of the Voice” issue will be showing up on January 8th. However, there’s still time to get in your votes for what story or stories you think really show-case why it is you read The Voice Magazine. Just mail your choices to voice@voicemagazine.org and look to see what comes out on January 8th. Of course, if you don’t quite remember what article it was, just mail in with a general description of it, and we’ll figure it out from there.

This issue, however, we start off with a Minds We Meet interview with Kaitland Goulet, a student working as a legal assistant who is looking to one day save the world?or at least the humanity of it. She sent in what is possibly the best picture we’ve received for the column. So much so that I decided I had to save it for this issue, just so that it would be up for several weeks. Thanks, Kaitland!

We also have a number of appropriately themed articles for the season, including a heart-pumping (pun intended) tale from Barb Godin, who writes about her Grandson Zac. It’s a story that we can all draw some inspiration from this time of year.

And we also have a new Council Connection. This one has some interesting news for students, specifically about AUSU’s subscription to Lynda.com and the possibility of AU providing a service to students that has been years in coming, one that students from most other universities simply take forgranted.

Our cover picture this week is tied to Deanna Roney’s article, “Replenish”, as she, like many students, finds her motivation flagging as she nears the end of her degree, and comes across a way to bring that motivation back up.

So, with that, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, manage to catch up on all the work you’ve been procrastinating on, and I’ll see you with our Best Of issue on January 8th.

Until then, enjoy the read!