Click of the Wrist – Out the Door

You know those crazy runners who are out there racking up miles in sub-freezing temps? they’re having a great time?and getting the personal satisfaction of beating the elements. If your New Year’s resolutions included fitness, but you just can’t stomach the thought of going to the gym, head outdoors to clear your head and strengthen your body. As a recent convert to winter running, I highly recommend it!

Brave the Elements
Part of successful winter running is making sure You’re prepared?you want to stay warm, but not so warm that you overheat or sweat too much and risk a chill. Runner’s World offers some excellent tips for running smart in the cold.

Get a Community
It’s easier to stay motivated if You’re part of a supportive group or community. Check your local running store for information on scheduled group runs. If you prefer to run solo or with a friend, join a challenge and take part in the community there. Run the Year 2016 challenges participants to run or walk 2016 miles this year?either individually or as part of a team?and the support group on Facebook is fantastic. It’s gotten me out the door on more than one frigid morning.

Plan for a Race
Signing up for a winter road or trail race is good motivation to get off the couch. Nothing happening in your area? There are virtual races too, for charity?do a search online to see what strikes your fancy (I’m partial to the Hogwarts Running Club myself).