Click of the Wrist – Winter Safe

With a severe winter storm hitting several major US cities this weekend, It’s time for a refresher on winter safety for the rest of North America. This week’s links could save your life (or at least ensure your snowed-in experience is a little less stressful).

Time Your Prep
When your area is issued a winter storm watch or warning, what should you do?besides joking about stocking up on milk, eggs, and toilet paper (and then making a run to the grocery story to do just that)? has a handy checklist for what to do, and when.

Ride It Out
Home is the best place to be when a blizzard hits, but what if You’re stuck in your car, and conditions become threatening? This Huffington Post article has tips for both emergency preparedness and emergency survival.

Keep Calm and Be Sarcastic
A little humour goes a long way to lessen storm-related anxiety. “Be sure to stock up on supplies several days before you came across this article,” this Onion piece advises, and it goes on from there.

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