Music Review – NJ Taylor

Artist: NJ Taylor
Album: NJ Taylor

The pop music genre is notorious for music that has bland and uninspired lyrics that are combined with an upbeat tempo designed to mask the unoriginality of the music. Pop artists Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have broken away from this curse, creating music that is both original, fun, and catchy. Montreal singer-songwriter NJ Taylor should be counted among such pop legends because of her inspiring lyrics, invigorating beats, and fantastic electronic accompaniment.

Released October 9th last year, NJ Taylor’s self-titled debut EP features five fantastic tracks. As a child NJ played the violin for many years. While in high school, she traded the violin for singing and songwriting. After university, where she studied Italian and Spanish, NJ decided that creating music was her passion and embarked on a music career. Inspired by various world issues and guided by pop music like that of ABBA and Michael Jackson, NJ collaborated with Adien Lewis, who wrote the song “Radar” on the EP, and together they created five amazing songs.

The first track “Pop Army” is dramatic and upbeat, and the tempo will catch your attention almost immediately. Listen closely to the lyrics and you can hear NJ sing of her passion about pop music, and through her lyrics she invites listeners to share her love of the genre. Having “Pop Army” as the first track on her EP is a brilliant way to engage listeners who may or may not be as devoted to the pop genre as she is. In fact, although I rarely enjoy pop music, I found myself moving to the rhythm and singing along. Apparently NJ’s passion for this style of music is contagious!

“Radar” is the second track and is slightly more dramatic than the previous song. The tempo is somewhat less upbeat, but the electronic effects and striking piano and string accompaniment make this song a treat to the ears. NJ demonstrates that she isn’t bound to working only with electronic effects, and she is willing to experiment with her music and push the boundaries of the genre.

“Right Here” is my favourite song on this album. It reminds me of the songs from Madonna’s album Ray of Light from 1998. The electronic effects are layered in such a way that the music is almost organic, rising and falling with the mood and emotion of the lyrics. The tempo is fairly slow and steady, but it isn’t boring. The lyrics command the attention of the listener, and the inspirational message is perfect for those days when you find yourself feeling lost and alone. The feeling that emanates from this song is as complex as the sound, but somehow NJ is able to touch into the very heart of the listener and give them the comfort they may need in difficult times.

So if you are in need of pop music that will not only get you moving but inspire you when you need it the most then check out NJ’s debut EP.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.