Click of the Wrist – Protect Your Privacy

You might have missed Data Privacy Day (January 28) this year, but It’s never too late to evaluate how well You’re protecting your personal information. Click through this week’s links for some ideas on keeping your data safe and secure.

Take Small Steps
Yes, you can go high-tech, but before you do, start out with these simple ways to protect your personal information.

Remember the Little Things
Data privacy isn’t just about computer use?it also applies to mobile devices, especially as more and more users migrate to online banking and online shopping via smart phones and tablets. These strategies help protect your data on your handheld electronic devices (if you feel so inclined, read the other data protection tips in the article?there are over a hundred ideas!)

Wipe It Out
Getting rid of your old electronics? Whether You’re reselling, donating, or recycling your computers, smart phones, tablets, or even gaming consoles, It’s crucial to remove any personal data first. Consumer Reports gives the details on what you need to do to protect your information.

Back It Up
Part of protecting your data is backing it up?you don’t want anyone to access your information, but if they do, It’s a double loss if you can no longer access it yourself. Check out this Digital Trends blog for the pros and cons of various backup strategies, and learn why you should never assume that your backup will last forever.