Women of Interest – Marguerite Pitre

Marguerite Pitre: (September 4, 1908 – January 9, 1953) Born in Saint-Octave-de-Metis, Quebec, Marguerite was the thirteenth, and last, woman hanged in Canada. She was known as “Madame Raven” as she always wore black clothing. Marguerite Ruest-Pitre had the unfortunate luck of meeting Joseph Guay through her brother who worked for Guay. Guay was married at the time but became involved in an affair with a beautiful young waitress. When Joseph’s wife discovered the affair, she left him. As a result Joseph began to plot her death and elicited the help of Marguerite’s brother Albert to build a bomb. Albert convinced Marguerite to deliver a package to the Canadian Pacific Airlines, although she claims she did not know it contained a bomb. Forty-one minutes after takeoff the flight exploded, killing all twenty-three on board. Subsequently all three were sentenced to death.

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compiled by Barb Godin