Music Review – Jason Collett

Artist: Jason Collett
Album: Song and Dance Man

A newly released album doesn’t get any fresher than this. A brand new album from Canadian indie rock legend Jason Collett is out today (February 5th). Song and Dance man is fun, funky, and will have you loving Canadian music all over again.

Originally from Bramalea, Ontario, Jason has released nine albums since 2003, and has lived all over southern Ontario. For a time, Jason was also part of Broken Social Scene, a Canadian music collective. Since his beginnings as a songwriter, Jason has worked extremely hard on finding his own sound, and the music on Song and Dance Man is proof of his work. His sound is very Canadian, with hints of folk, funk, country, and disco, making Jason’s version of indie rock very unique. However, his lyrics remind me of Bob Dylan with a Canadian spin.

The thirteen track album features sounds for every musical taste or mood. The title track “Song and Dance Man” is a prime example of Canadian music. The right amount of reminiscent lyrics, folk inspired vocals, subtle guitar riffing, and a catchy chorus come together to make a song that will have you moving while lifting any winter blues.

“Forever Young is Getting Old” is a short track that is a fun look at older attitudes about rock and roll. What sets this song apart is that during the instrumental interludes the whistling adds a level of whimsy that always makes me smile.

“Little Sparrow” is my favourite song on Song and Dance Man. The tempo and guitar is soft, like a lullaby, and Jason’s vocals add a raw element that is somehow soothing. The lyrics are heartfelt and emotional, and the overall feeling is one of hope and pride.

“Long Day’s Shadow” is my second favourite track because of the mesmerizing guitar that mixes the best chords from jazz, blues, and rock. The lyrics remind the listener to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life. With the guitar and Jason’s singing, just listening to this short track accomplishes that because you are forced to stop and enjoy the song from the first note to the last.

“Staring at the Sun” is a very slow track, but I really enjoyed how Jason’s singing transitions from his usual octave to a deeper octave. The effect is a song that, although a similar sound to the remainder of the album, has more of a blues influence. It is this song where Jason demonstrates his versatility and why he is such a successful musician.

These are only a few of the songs on Song and Dance Man, an album that is an exemplary example of Canadian music. Perfect for listening to while studying or relaxing, be sure to check out Jason Collett’s latest album.

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