Editorial – Love is in the Air

Happy almost Valentines Day! This year, some of the writers and I have been working together more to try to develop ideas for theme based issues. On purpose. What You’re seeing is the first of those. I don’t know yet when the next one will be (if I don’t have one for Talk Like a Pirate day, I’ll be very sad indeed) but let me know what you think. Of course, you’ll notice some of the articles still don’t fit the theme at all. It’s a work in progress, bear with us.

Also this week, I was going to do a feature on what the results from the recent Voice survey were. That didn’t pan out, however, mostly because it took me way too long to figure out how to export the graphics that make the whole thing remotely understandable. Next week, I promise! (Besides, it hardly fit in with the theme.) In the meantime, though, I can tell you a few things I gleaned that struck me as interesting. For instance, while most university papers have audiences who are primarily in the 17-25 year old range, here at The Voice Magazine, most of our readers are in the 31-40 age range, and we skew toward the higher side. In fact, with only about 5% in the 17- 25 year old group, our 60+ group is nearly double that at about 10%.

Also, we’re narcissists. It seems we’re quite curious about who we are as AU students, because the article that is the most “always read” is none other than our interviews with AU students. But enough about what isn’t in this issue, I’m not giving enough space to what is.

This week, you’ll definitely want to read the final part of our feature interview with Dr. William Diehl-Jones. His final answer is worth the read just on its own, but the rest of the article is rather fascinating as well.

Also, our Valentines day theme starts with Barb Lethiniemi’s “O is for?”, and if you can’t figure out what that might be referring to in a Valentine’s day theme, she even spells it out for you. Incidentally, this is an article that the guys need to read almost as much as the gals. Carla Knipe gets in on the fun (and by that I mean the issue theme, not.. nevermind) with a look at the resurging art of letter writing, and how it can leave something a lot more lasting than an electronic poke. We also have a slightly different look at relationships from Deanna Roney, and even a letter for Dear Barb that touches on the holiday.

Also, if you want something to “set the mood” for Valentines this year, you definitely want to take a look at Samantha Stevens? music review. After reading about what artist Shelita Burke is doing, I want to grab the album just for, let’s say, curiosity’s sake.

Plus, we also have our usual selection of helpful writing and studying advice, reviews, and other bits and pieces to keep you amused, connected, and informed.

Enjoy the read!