Click of the Wrist – Well Met

This weekend the Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates its 144th birthday. Over the decades the institution has grown from a small museum to a vast network of collections. And did you know it has a significant number of online resources as well? Take a quick museum trip through this week’s links.

Just Browsing
Even if you can’t travel to the museum yourself, you can tour its collections from the comfort of your living room. The Met’s collections are searchable by artist, material, historical era, and more.

Art Through the Ages
Part of appreciating art is understanding where and when it was created and how artistic methods and practices developed. The Met’s art history timeline includes art examples as well as essays outlining key events and developments during various time periods, both in the art world and in the greater social and political context.

Across the Globe
If touring one museum’s collections doesn’t satisfy your cravings for art, check out the Met’s travel blog; their team posts photos, accounts, and links as they travel to museums and cultural sites worldwide.