Click of the Wrist – Learncation

So this year you don’t have plans to travel for spring break, but you’d like to do something other than the same old, same old? Consider a learncation?stay at home but break from your routine by exploring new areas and developing your creativity. This week’s links should get you started on your journey:

Create Create
Want to discover or expand your creative side? SkillShare allows subscribers to take short, project-based classes led by creative types just like you. Now’s the time to take up knitting, photography, inking, and more!

Fixer Upper
If your interests lie in DIY home improvement, check out Home Depot’s free videos on everything from installing toilets to replacing outlets?as well as their ideas for home decor projects.

Go Quiet
Or maybe You’re in need of a more introspective learncation, a chance to explore yourself and your goals or get in touch with your muse. Writer and creativity consultant Jeffrey Davis explains how you can replicate the benefits of a creative retreat in your own home environment.