Editorial – All Sorts of Acclaim

You remember that Voice reader survey? The one that I was asking you people to do and was offering prizes to a few lucky people? Well those are all handled now, and the prizes are winging their way to the winners. So if I haven’t contacted you about winning a prize already, then I’m afraid you’re not one of our winners. But if you still really want some Voice swag, you should know that I like to hand it out to any student who is willing to sit down for one of our Minds We Meet interviews. Let me know at voice@voicemagazine.org and I’ll hook you up.

As for the contest itself, the runners up, as chosen by the high tech method of using http://www.random.org/ were one Lisa B. from Lively, Ontario, and one Debbie Y. from Edmonton, Alberta. They’ll be receiving a package full of swag from The Voice Magazine, along with my heartfelt thanks for taking the time for the survey.

The big winner, however, of the 8″ Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, is none other than Carolin V. from Yellowknife, in the North West Territories. So our congratulations go out to Carolin, as well. Personally I find it cool that our winners are from all over the country. It just goes to exemplify how widespread the readership of The Voice Magazine is. Advertisers, take note once again! And one last thank you to everybody who filled out the survey. Knowing what you people like, and don’t like, is not only extremely interesting to me, but it also makes my job a lot easier. Along those lines, I welcome any comments you might have about any of the articles we publish, or anything you think we should be publishing. Feel free to write me at voice@voicemagazine.org with all of it.

This week, we’ve got our feature article interviewing Dr. Shandip Saha, as well as the second part of our interview with Dr. Lorelei Hanson. These are two very different interviews, but both serve to give some solid insight into these AU educators. Plus, scholarship time is rapidly approaching, and Barb Lehtiniemi has given us some tips to help us get our hands on some of that free money.

We also have a behind the scenes look at one of the more successful marketing campaigns that AU has run. If you haven’t seen any of the “Great Minds” pictures and posters advertising AU, odds are that you haven’t been looking. Carla Knipe interviews AU’s social media and marketing manager, Erin Stevenson about what went into it and what the response has been. Plus, of course, a number of reviews, entertainment, and other advice to keep you busy while you take a break from studying.

This week is also election week for AUSU. To remain impartial, the Voice, as usual, has not published any candidate coverage, as some of the candidates have written for The Voice, or had other dealings with the magazine, and some we just have no easy way to contact. However, I urge all of you to do your own research. You can search for candidate names on the Voice website to see what’s been reported about them, and make use of the AUSU Election Forums to ask questions of the candidates. An acclamation, after all, gives you, the students, the ability to decide which of these people should represent you on AUSU, so make sure to use it.
Enjoy the read!