Editorial – Kinship

First things first, congratulations need to be given to the new AUSU Council. It might seem like an acclamation is a sure thing but as this Maclean’s article shows, running unopposed does not guarantee a win.

This week, we do a course exam on English 255, a course which is a required component for many degrees. If you haven’t taken it already, Marie Well has interviewed the Course Coordinator, Aiden Dubbelboer, in a great interview that gets you the information you need to prepare for it.

Our feature article is an interview with Calgary student, Stephanie Wieler. Personally, I felt a bit of instant kinship when I found out that Stephanie, like me, is one of the few Calgarians born and raised in this city, and like me, has had people comment on it.

Also this week, Wanda Waterman has submitted a pictorial feature for Maghreb Voices, giving us a look at some of the sights in Carthage, Tunisia, sights that look far nicer than what I can see outside my window.

Along with that, and the reason why this week’s Voice Magazine is so late getting out, is the Council Connection, where we look at the recently submitted reports of the Forensic Audit Committee and the Executive Compensation Review Committee. The titles of these committees hide the important work they’ve been doing in the aftermath of AUSU’s 2015 Annual General Meeting. The take-away from these is that Council is now working on ensuring they have better policies and practices in place to serve students, including limiting AUSU from increasing the wages of their own executive.

Our cover this week is from Deanna Roney’s look at what she calls a course hangover. While this sounds like something you might get if you study on St. Patrick’s day, given the choice between one of these and the type of hangover I tend to get, I’d much rather get hers.

We also have an article from now AUSU Councillor Scott Jacobsen, where he looks at our transition to a knowledge economy and what It’s going to require from our governments, AU, and you.

And of course we have our set of advice, reviews, humour, and articles that just exist to make you sit back and think for a moment. All in all, It’s a solid issue of The Voice Magazine this week, so I hope you enjoy the read!