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Ryan seeks feedback on French and German courses. Kevin is looking for senior COMP and CMIS courses with practice exams. Ashley has re-enrolled and is contemplating which direction her studies should take.
Other posts include double majors, course extension fees, going back to finish high school, PLAR, and courses ADMN 232, ECON 248, PHIL 231, and WGST 266.

@AthabascaU tweets: “What is #ambient music and how can it help your studies? #studying.”
@AU_Business tweets: “#AU grads are up to great things! #MBA ’10 @DebbyCarreau’s new book, The Mentor Myth, available in April. Congrats!”
@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets: “AUSU’s 2016 Annual Report for the April 7 AGM is now posted online!”

“Northern Love”, An Interview with Paul Nonnekes, posted by AU_Press.