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Canadian Education cheap compared to the United States
The Globe and Mail suggests that some students from the United States might take their studies to Canada because of lower costs. With the Canadian dollar down, the US dollar is functionally up. This means comparable education is less money. Some students are wising up to that situation.

For instance, the Sauder Business School at the University of British Columbia is a 16-month MBA and has a “$45,656 (Canadian) price tag for Canadian students and $65,998 for U.S. and international students, which becomes about $49,700 (U.S.).” That translates into a cheaper education for US students.

Repeat that calculation across Canada based on the Canadian-to-US dollar exchange rate, the savings in educational expenses are significant, are being noticed, and are being utilized by US students.

It’s the end–of the search for Ryerson University’s New President
Ryerson University has a new President and vice-chancellor according to The Globe and Mail. The search for a new president for the university took 18 months, and has concluded with the appointment of Dr. Mohamed Lachemi. Dr. Lachemi said, “It’s a very special feeling?I know the community and place very well.” He has served in the capacity as interim president for four months and will hold the official appointment for five years.

He replaces Sheldon Levy who “left to pursue ambitions as deputy minister at Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.” Lachemi assumed the position on April 4.

Canadian Education Fair in Chandigarh, India
The Canadian Education Fair in Chandigarh had “45 Canadian colleges and universities” that “took part in the ?Study in Canada Mega Education Fair? organised by Charms Education and Immigration Services” with about 450 students in attendance.

The international coordinator, Anna Simonyan, from Assiniboine Community College, Manitoba, said, “Manitoba ? Canada offers attractive facilities to international students. Health cards are given to students, a rebate of 60 per cent is given on tuition fees, which is already very affordable, and the province has a unique nominee programme that makes getting PR easier.”

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