On Hidden Crimes

Hi Karl,

Just read your editorial, Hidden Crimes, from the March 25th issue. I don’t think you can compare someone in an abusive relationship to this case. These people were just dating and I don’t believe they had any commitment to each other, such as kids, long term relationship etc, which would cause them to what to stay with him.

Often people who are in abusive relationships have had a long span where there was no abuse and they are hoping things will return to that again. In this case, Jian is just that type of guy and these women were attracted to him in spite of it. If the women had chosen not to see him again, then I would agree that he should be held accountable, but I think by them seeing him, they were saying it was ok.

Barb G.

(Ed. I don’t think the shock of the experience, the natural disbelief, should be discounted.)