Music Review – AKA V

Musician: AKA V
Single: “Always Go Home”

It is always exciting when a young musician embarks on their musical journey. It is even more exciting when they get their feet under them and are ready to share their music with the world. This is the point that AKA V (Vanessa Huneault) is at in her career.

Since releasing her first single at the beginning of April, AKA V has been busy touring and playing many venues across the UK and Canada. Originally from a small town in Quebec called Rouyn-Noranda, AKA V hit the road at the age of 20 and ended up in Toronto, Ontario where she launched into the music business as the lead vocalist for the Canadian band OzGoode. She also got an education in Audio Production and Engineering. Now starting on her solo career, she is guided by her never-ending optimism and shows a great deal of promise.

For fans of Sheryl Crow, AKA V’s sound is very similar. Considered alternative pop rock, there are also undertones of country and folk. However, in the single “Always Go Home”, AKA V clearly demonstrates her talent as a singer-songwriter and her ability to create a track that is both unique for a pop song, and yet strangely familiar.

When writing “Always Go Home” AKA V says she was inspired by her own journey from a small town to starting a career in the big city: “This world can be very cruel and the entertainment industry is not for everybody. I wanted to tell those people that there is no shame in going back home, whatever your home is, wherever it is. Go back to that safe place, there is no need to become somebody you wouldn’t be proud of because You’re too scared to face the fact that this one dream didn’t work out” (!bio/vnvst). In an industry that sometimes requires artists to change themselves to fit a certain image, AKA V’s message in “Always Go Home” is a powerful reminder to stay true to yourself in the face of adversity.

The track begins with a simple drum, guitar, and bass intro. The melody brings to mind tones similar to that of Guns and Roses, but without the heavy rock power that I expected. Yet, the music fits perfectly with AKA V’s breathy vocals. The frequent harmony between instruments and singing prevent the drums from overpowering the track. Unfortunately, for those who like a bit of punch to their music, especially when it comes to the drums or a powerhouse guitar solo, “Always Go Home” is as smooth as silk. This helps keep the focus of the listener on AKA V’s beautiful vocals and insightful lyrics, which, given the depth of the subject matter, makes this song perfect.

There is also a video in the works for “Always Go Home” that promises to be a short movie emphasizing the themes in the song. For a sneak peak, check out the teaser.

For us university students who are chasing our education and career dreams, “Always Go Home” is a powerful song. I frequently listen to it when I am being pulled in many professional directions at once. It helps keep me focused and reminds me that if one career path doesn’t work, there is no shame in taking that step back and re-evaluating what is most important. You have to love wisdom infused with music, and I can’t wait to see what comes next for AKA V.

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