Editorial – Dig In

In a traditional university setting, right now would be the first month of a four-month study break. For AU students, the start of May marks that last push to make sure those final grades are in and being calculated in time for convocation, and, for many students, it marks their first attempt at an AU course as they realize they need to squeeze one or two more courses in to finish their program at their traditional university. So for those of you just joining us, welcome!

Recently some of you may have noticed I put out a call on Facebook for students who will be affected by the recent retroactive changes to the Post-LPN and Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing Program to get in touch with me. I’ve received contacts from a few, and I want to reassure any other student that if you’ve got a story to tell but you’re worried about being identified? Don’t be. I’ve been around this university long enough to understand how easy it is to get identified even by certain a certain turn of phrase, and will make sure that your anonymity is protected. Email me at voice@voicemagazine.org so I can hear your story as well!

As for the story itself, I still need to do some digging and set up appointments with the administration to make sure I’ve got all the facts, but when I do, I hope to be able to bring it all to you, because, to be honest, if what I’ve heard is true, the idea that any faculty could do retroactive changes to their degree program really concerns me. For those students who are pushing to get their courses done in time to graduate, such an unexpected surprise could cost them, literally, thousands of dollars in fees and delays. It could even end up costing a job in the wrong circumstances. So getting the facts on how and who approved these changes, and what it means for the rest of the university, is crucial.

But while I go digging on that, this week we bring you an interview with a student who is just finishing her Bachelor of Professional Arts while helping other adults upgrade their own education. Plus, we have the final part of Professor Chang’s interview, where he goes into his research philosophy and gives some anecdotes about the value of real-time interaction with students?value for our degrees, that is, not so much value for the particular students involved. You’ll get what I mean when you read it.

We also have a look at Canada’s reaction to the fires up in Fort McMurray, and how for such a big country, we’re still, in many ways, like a small town. And that’s a good thing.

Then we have a new technique that might help you stop procrastinating and keep in time with that schedule you planned out for your course so many months ago. But don’t start that until you’ve finished reading the rest of the news, reviews, and other helpful advice you’ll find in this week’s The Voice Magazine.

Enjoy the read!

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