Women of Interest – Elizabeth Barrett

Elizabeth Barrett, (– 1888) became the first professional teacher in Alberta, as a result Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School in Cochrane Albert, was established. Elizabeth’s goal always was to become a teacher. Following graduation from Teacher’s College she began teaching for a short time in Ontario then decided to go to the Canadian Northwest where they were offering Missionary and Teaching positions. At that time the average pay for teacher’s in Toronto Ontario was $220-$400 per year. She taught at Whitefish Lake Mission and while there learned the Cree language and studied the language and customs of the Stoney, also known as people of the mountain. Elizabeth moved on to Fort Macleod and opened the first public school in Southern Alberta. When her health began to fail Barrett returned to Morleyville, Alberta.

Information about Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School can be found at http://barrett.rockyview.ab.ca/