Music Review – The Flux Machine

Band: The Flux Machine
Album: Louder!

I may have found an album that can easily replace my typical pre-study coffee. Let’s face it, nothing is more difficult for a distance education student than motivating yourself enough to get going. Some days I find that psyching myself up enough to hit the books feels something like you see boxers do before a fight, huffing and puffing while punching the air. Well, I am happy to say that I’ve found a musical solution to overcoming the procrastination-may-be-easier feelings.

Louder! is the newest album from NYC rockers The Flux Machine. The five-piece alternative rock band has become well known in New York for their energetic live performances, an energy that transfers over to their recorded music. Inspired by The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, and Foo Fighters, The Flux Machine’s music pushes the boundaries of rock. The occasional crossovers into the realms of punk and metal makes the music on Louder! unlike any alternative rock that is out there today. I especially love how their music reminds me of a combination of The White Stripes, Foo Fighters, Finger Eleven, Marilyn Manson, Guns and Roses, and good old AC/DC.

Louder! starts with the best album and song intro that I’ve ever heard. The simple and captivating vocals, combined with amp-blasting drums and bass, taunt the listener. Not even half way into the first track, “Run Away”, and I was fired up. My heart pounded with the beat and I had towork to stop myself from dancing.

“Square Up” is my favourite track on Louder!. It begins with that strangely alluring dark beat and rhythm that I always associate with Marilyn Manson’s earlier music. But The Flux Machine cleverly adds their own punk and rock influence, thereby creating something new and ingenious.

But then the song “Believe” completely threw me off. There is a wholesome feeling in this track. Tamer than the others on Louder!, but still with an upbeat rhythm, “Believe” is a beautiful love song. It is in this song that the Foo Fighters? influence can be heard, and I would expect to hear a song like this on the radio. The softer pop influences create a song that is unusual, but beautiful in its uniqueness.

For lovers of Guns and Roses, be sure to check out “Wheels of Love.” All of the best elements of rock music come together in this one. I think that music like this is perfectly at home live, on the road, or blaring from a stereo.

My second favourite song from Louder! is the blues-infused track “Jack, Jim and Johnny”. I can’t even begin to explain how bad-ass and amazing this fight song is. If any track on this album was going to get you pumped up, “Jack, Jim and Johnny” is it.

Whatever your plans this summer, I highly recommend adding Louder to your summer playlist, especially if you are going to need that extra oomph and energy to haul out the books. Louder! is now available for purchase, and if you find yourself in NYC this summer, maybe think about checking out The Flux Machine live.

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