Music Review – Sentimental Gentlemen

Band: Sentimental Gentlemen
Album: The Devil’s In The Details

Available now for streaming from their website, Sentimental Gentlemen’s The Devil’s In The Details is a fantastic rock and roll album coupled with an amazing story of perseverance and dedication.

Founded in 2013, Fort McMurray’s Sentimental Gentlemen were on the road when the wildfires ripped through their town only a few short weeks ago. After releasing The Devil’s In The Details in September last year, the band has been on the road since earlier this year to promote their new album. However, instead of returning home when the wildfires hit, the band chose to continue on their tour and use their concerts to help raise funds for their devastated town.

Vocalist, guitarist, and a founding member of Sentimental Gentlemen Mackenzie Walas issued the following statement on the band’s Facebook page:

“Since the day we found out our hometown of Fort McMurray was on fire and our friends and family evacuated, we have gotten an outpour of support from people and venues all across the country wanting to help out. It turns out that thankfully all of our friends and family are safe and our homes are still standing. That being said we lost a bunch of musical equipment and instruments that we were keeping at our friend’s house that burnt down. We never thought of quitting the tour or postponing any dates. We decided that we need to continue this tour to be a voice for Fort McMurray and try and raise as much money as we can before we head back to help with the clean up. We feel like we have a new mission and purpose to help in a unique way to give back to the community that has given us so much. If anyone wants to help we encourage everyone to donate what they can to the Canadian Red Cross.” (

In order to help support their fundraising efforts, Sentimental Gentlemen has also added more dates to their tour, including a stop at Athabasca on June 30th at The Magnificent for the River Rats Festival. For a complete list of other dates and locations, be sure to check out their Facebook page. For those wanting to check out Sentimental Gentlemen live and help support a worthy cause, audiences can expect a strong rock and roll sound with the occasional country twang.

Similarly, the music on The Devil’s In The Details showcases all of the best rock and roll elements including epic guitar solos, raging drums, and killer vocals. At times, they sound similar to Foo Fighters and Nickleback, like in their track “Time Stood Still”, but Sentimental Gentlemen also have their own distinct sound and style. The track “How Long” is dominated by drums and a Deep South rock inspired guitar, whereas “Guess this is Living” has a softer country-rock sound.

The Devil’s In The Details can be purchased on iTunes, but the band also has many of the tracks available for purchase on their website. And if you can make it to one of their live shows, get ready to enjoy some fantastic music while helping support fellow Canadians, and Albertans, during a hard and turbulent time.

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