Music Review – A Tribe Called Red

Band: A Tribe Called Red
Single: “Stadium Pow Wow ft. Black Bear”

Starting the summer festival season off with an epic track, A Tribe Called Red just dropped their latest single “Stadium Pow Wow ft. Black Bear”. This track follows their widely successful EP Suplex released to an eager audience last May.

Since their founding in 2010, A Tribe Called Red has been shaking up the electronic music world with their epic pounding beats combined with traditional indigenous pow wow vocals and drums. Consisting of three members, DJ NDN, Bear Witness, and 2oolman, A Tribe Called Red has been gaining a lot of fame and attention both in Canada and abroad. Their second album, Nation II Nation, was shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize, nominated for four Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, Best Group, Best Producer, Best Album and Best Cover Art, and the group won the 2014 JUNO Award for Breakthrough Group Of The Year.

A Tribe Called Red’s music combination brings not only traditional indigenous music to the world, but it helps share, and rekindle, Aboriginal culture and art. Through their Electric Pow Wow events in Ottawa, A Tribe Called Red has been able to facilitate an increased awareness for Aboriginal culture and issues while providing audiences with an amazing live show that combines traditional with contemporary. Members of the band are not shy about their support for Aboriginal issues, and the band openly condemns Aboriginal stereotypes, and has provided support for Aboriginal movements like Idle No More ( However, perhaps most importantly, through their work and music the band has become a point of pride for the Aboriginal community and important role models for many Aboriginal youth across the country.

“Stadium Pow Wow ft. Black Bear” is an amazing combination of intense electric beats, tradi-tional pow wow drums and singing. The electronic music features lots of reverb and a heavy sound, but it works perfectly with the singing since it fades slightly when the vocals emerge. The beat is steady and infectious and is sure to move audiences.

When asked by Anupa Mistry of The FADER via email about the song, A Tribe Called Red had this to say:

“This song represents a new era for A Tribe Called Red. It’s not the first song that we have re-leased with 2oolman or Black Bear, but it feels very special to us because it was one of the first songs we worked on with 2oolman and also the first time we worked closely with a drum group. Doing that was the realization of a dream that the band has had for years, and we are super thankful to Black Bear for being open minded about it.” (

“Stadium Pow Wow ft. Black Bear” is an amazing track coming from such an extraordinary Ca-nadian and Aboriginal band. And for audiences who want to check out A Tribe Called Red this summer as they tour across Canada, be sure to check out their tour schedule on their website

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