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– July 15: August degree requirements deadline
– July 29: August course extension deadline
– Aug 4: AU Open House Webinar
– Aug 9: AUSU Council Meeting
– Aug 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Sep 1
– Aug 15: Sept degree requirements deadline
– Aug 31: September course extension deadline

Student Lifeline ?
Positive Mental Health

Millions of Canadians suffer from stress, depression or anxiety. These feelings can affect school, work, relationships, and well-being. If you are feeling stressed about studies, work, money, a relationship issue, or a personal concern, or if you think you may be experiencing depression or another mental health issue, Student LifeLine can help.

This is a FREE service for all AUSU members!

Contact Student LifeLine any time, 24/7 at 1-800-567-2255 (TTY:1-877-371-9978) to speak with a caring consultant who can talk through your issues and help you gain positive mental health.

You can also log in to (username: AUSU, password: wellness) anytime to access hundreds of online resources that can help you, such as:

– Self-assessments: What’s Your Stress Level? and Are You Experiencing Symptoms of Depression?
– A NEW podcast, Getting Help for Depression.
– A toolkit, Mini Exercises to Help Reduce Stress.
– Articles like Choosing a Counsellor, Stress and Depression at Work, Are You Using Drugs or Alcohol to Cope with Depression or Anxiety?
– Full-length recordings, BREATHE ? Managing Stress, and When Someone You Love is Depressed.
– Online training, Understanding Stress, Increasing Resiliency.
– Online Depression Centre featuring a 16-session Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) program to help individuals manage depression symptoms.

Student Lifeline provides help and support 24/7 for any issues, including health, wellness, work, life, money, school, community referrals, and more!

AUSU Advocacy for
Nursing Program Changes

Want to know how AUSU is advocating on behalf of AU Nursing student? Check out our July executive blog!

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