From Where I Sit – Un-See

A couple of guys my husband knows raved about the Tilted Kilt restaurant and pub. Because we needed to eat and were tired of the usual haunts, we thought we’d check it out. We were no sooner through the door that we both knew exactly what the attraction was for these guys.

It wasn’t the pub style food or the sports bar bank of TV screens covering every sport known to man. It wasn’t the music blaring through the place.

It was clearly, clearly the barely dressed buxom waitresses.

When we entered we weren’t even acknowledged until I called out to ask if we should seat ourselves. Two waitresses were hovering over, flirting really, with some loser at the bar.

I couldn’t make eye contact with any of these women. I was embarrassed on their behalf. How desperate for a job or tips do you have to be to take a job with a dress code like that? Only someone with testosterone could appreciate the plaid skirts that barely covered their asses and the skin-tight midriff-baring tops with overflowing (and gravity-defying) cleavage.

To get the description right I refreshed my memory by Googling the restaurant. Trust me, there is no shortage of shots. And because I’m a tireless researcher, I also noticed that you can buy Tilted Kilt calendars. And that you too, can have a career at the Tilted Kilt. You just need to go to a Casting and Careers. Careers? Careers?

How’s this for a job description?

“Are you the Bombshell Next Door, next Hollywood Hottie or a Country Cutie?
Kilt Girl® entertainers are an elite group of women who are sexy-smart, friendly and classy. Kilt Girls make great money and fast cash with flexible schedules while having fun at work. Be a part of the “Best Looking Sports Pub You’ve Ever Seen” and APPLY TODAY!

What is an Audition?
Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery franchise auditions are a way for franchisees to evaluate applicants for the Kilt Girl role. Imagine trying to land a role in a Hollywood movie or sexy fitness calendar; you want to look and act your best! These auditions are just the same. To land the role, you gotta play it up, girl! Grab your favorite outfit, glam up your hair and make-up and visit a franchise location today for an audition. You may end up being the next calendar cover girl!”

Oh My God! Isn’t this what every young woman aspires to? Isn’t this what every parent hopes for their daughter? Isn’t it a huge stepping-stone to lasting career and relationship success?

I don’t get it. And I suppose I don’t need to. It doesn’t affect anyone I know or care about. But really, is this what we want for any woman? I thought objectifying women was over. I thought women selling themselves for money was passé. And even though we won’t be back, I can’t un-see (or forget) those servers, from where I sit.

Hazel Anaka’s first novel is Lucky Dog. Visit her website for more information or follow her on Twitter @anakawrites.