Music Review – Of Clocks and Clouds

Musician: Of Clocks and Clouds
Album: Better Off

Get ready for some intense alternative rock. Brooklyn-based rockers Of Clocks and Clouds have just released their self-produced album Better Off. Inspired by The Black Keys, Pink Floyd, Beck, and Queens of the Stone Age, musicians Joe Salgo and Ross Procaccio “pride themselves on standing apart from the shoegaze indie rock scene, which has erupted throughout their hometown” (

Founded in 2013, Of Clocks and Clouds has achieved a moderate level of success. The band was listed among the “Top 25 New Music Critiques by music Connection” in 2015. Their music has also been featured in online publications such as Artsy Magazine where Huguette Ulysse writes “with a classic punk sound, Of Clocks And Clouds delivers an enchanting arrangement, accompanied by intensifying interludes and attention grabbing guitar riffs”(

Joe and Ross played several venues around New York and Brooklyn prior to the release of Better Off, and an album release show at the Studio at Webster Hall on July 16th. But no future dates for live shows have been listed as of yet.

And the music? It’s an interesting combination of alternative rock combined with the trippy and ethereal feelings of psychedelic rock. Fans of David Bowie, Radiohead, Beck, and Queens of the Stone Age will love the genre defining guitar, electronic effects, and bewitching vocals. Although the general theme of the album is of loss and heartache, the feelings brought on by the music are not exclusive to those themes. There is an odd feeling of relaxation while listening to Better Off, and audiences may find themselves getting lost in the captivating sounds and rhythms that flow forth in each and every track.

Each track on the album is distinct, bringing listeners a new and unique spin on alternative rock. From the futuristic and heavy “Burn A Hole Pt. 2”, which would be perfectly at home in some science fiction movie, to the beautifully mysterious “Untitled Bonus Track”, which blends the best elements of techno and psychedelic rock to create a heavenly melody. Even the exotic-feeling tones of “Komorebi” offers listeners a light and uplifting instrumental piece in which Joe and Ross somehow make the typically gruff guitar and electronic effects soft and sensual.

The only downside to Better Off is the briefness of the songs and the fact that there are only 8 tracks on the album. For those who are interested in checking out Of Clocks and Clouds’s Better Off, the album can be bought and streamed from the artists on their website.

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