Women of Interest – Isobel Moria Dunbar

Isobel Moria Dunbar

Isobel Moria Dunbar, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on February 3, 1918, and died November 22, 1999. Isobel immigrated to Canada in 1947 and worked as an ice research scientist. She was one of the first women to be taken on a Canadian Government Icebreaker Cruise. She began her career in Canada working for the Joint Intelligence Bureau, where she gathered information on the movement of ice in the Arctic. Through Dunbar’s persistence she was able to overcome the resistance to allowing women on Military Aircraft and Icebreakers, and was one of the first women to fly over the North Pole. As a result of her research: studies on ice conditions in the Canadian North, and later in the USSR and Finland, Isobel wrote many papers and coauthored “Arctic Canada from the Air” with Keith Greenway. Isobel Moria Dunbar received many honors and awards, including the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Massey Medal in 1972; as well, she was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1977.

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