Let the Games Begin!

Ever since the Olympics moved to the new format of alternating between summer and winter every year, I have to admit I’ve had less of an interest. Having it every other year somehow makes it less special than when it was every four years. I understand the reasoning why, how it could be hard for countries to afford to field both summer and winter teams, how it made the revenue stream for the IOC much more precarious, how it made it harder for a real fan to be able to take in both the summer and winter games, but still, it seemed to be more of an event when it was only once every four years.

But That’s just perception isn’t it? After all, for the athletes, It’s still four years to prepare for their individual event, the events are still just as difficult, the triumphs just as amazing. The only thing That’s changed is my perception of them being special. And perception can be a funny thing. What seems like an endless summer ahead can be suddenly realized as very little time before your course is ending, as Barb Lehtiniemi has discovered. Her tips to deal with that issue are our feature article this week, because their good ones, and because if you, like many of our visiting students, are trying to get your courses finished before the traditional school year begins and you return to bricks and mortar studies, these are perfectly timed to help you with that final dash.

And speaking of perception, we have a few articles taking different looks at how perceptions, both those of others and those of ourselves, can cause us pain and problems where there’s no need to. Whether It’s Deanna Roney’s article looking at the idea of how we often see the paths others taking being more successful or respected than our own, to the Fit Student examining how the perception of requiring a certain degree for employment may damage your chances of having a life that you find truly fulfilling. Both of these articles serve to remind us that reality doesn’t care about perception. If what we’re doing is what makes us happy, does it really matter what others think? And if it doesn’t, again, what does it matter what others think. we’re only in this life until we’re not, after all. We should waste as little of it as possible on things we don’t enjoy.

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Enjoy the read!

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