Worry Some?

You ever have one of those weeks where you just couldn’t get your head on straight? That’s been this week for me. Things have been exceptionally busy around here, and yet for all that busy-ness, very little seems to have gotten done. It’s mostly been trying to deal with the small fires as they crop up.

But that’s part of what makes this issue kind of eerie for me. It’s like the Voice Writers have some sort of unconscious gestalt going, as this week you’ll find a couple of articles about dealing with worries, whether they’re about your AU degree or life in general.

Of course, it could just be that I’ve been binge-watching Olympics coverage, and seeing what these people are capable of, hearing their stories, is making me realize that that’s an opportunity that’s passed me by at this point. Not that it’s one I ever seriously considered, but I’d also never considered before that it might be something that is simply impossible for me to accomplish. Whether it’s because I’ve grown and have developed a more realistic perception of myself, or just that the athletes have gotten that much better, I’m faced with the realization that “No. I will not ever be able to accomplish that,” it’s a sobering thought.

After all, we’re talking the limits of human performance. I see them break Olympic Records and World Records each Olympics and it makes me wonder just how far can we go? Surely at some point there will be a limit where a human body simply cannot perform any better. And the controversy with the Russian state-sponsored doping activities seem to confirm that. Yet every Olympics, not to mention every year at different events, world records get broken. Broken by people who do it without performance enhancing substances. After all, if they didn’t, the Guinness World Records company wouldn’t need to create a new edition every year. It’s along this lines that Christina Frey gives us her article “Dream Bigger”. A departure from her usual column, but certainly worth a look.

On a completely different topic, our feature article this week is our interview with fellow student, Carrie Becket. She’s one of the many people who tried traditional university, but found that it really didn’t fit with the lifestyle she wanted. So when she found AU and realized that it could accommodate her desire to improve her education while still giving her the flexibility to maintain her job and other hobbies.

We also have music and film reviews, a look at how a degree changes your reading, and some other advice and entertainment to keep you busy. Enjoy the read!

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