Eco-Education Abroad

Education is not constrained by textbooks and writing papers, and Athabasca University is offering its students an opportunity to take their studies to Europe and learn their lessons firsthand.

From September 11 to 23, AU students have the opportunity to gain insight and awareness in the field of international social co-operatives in Monte Genezzo, Tuscany.

“The Transition to Cooperative Commonwealth: Pathways to a New Political Economy” was created in partnership with The Synergia Institute, and co-conceived by Dr. Mike Gismondi, who is currently a professor of sociology and global studies at Athabasca University. This incredible opportunity will allow 15 to 20 students from around the world to learn about and experience such topics as cooperative development, community-owned initiatives, social enterprise, and social finance firsthand; students will be lead by some of the world’s leading thinkers in the field.

Additionally, this opportunity may not solely be for students that will participate in the trip itself. Dr. Gismondi is working to incorporate the research material that will be taught in Italy in a future AU MOOC entitled “The Transition to Cooperative Commonwealth: Pathways to a New Political Economy.” The material uses a great deal of research conducted by Synergia Partners.

After the excursion, participating students will have an understanding of alternative and innovative enterprises, and practical factors that contribute to such innovations. The trip will also include visits to local enterprises, and meetings with members of local cooperatives. Students will also explore factors that may enable the transfer of social cooperatives from Europe to Alberta and British Columbia.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Gismondi, and take advantage of this opportunity to study in this hands-on, personal environment.

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