Editorial – Return to Form

In case you didn’t notice it, AUSU Council’s Vice-President External, Brandon Simmons, has resigned his executive position due to needing more time for family commitments. He’ll be staying on as a regular member of council for the remainder of the term, and AUSU Council will be holding an internal election to choose one of the current councillors to fill the vacant executive seat. I know some people wonder if an internal election is a good way to handle these things, as many student unions directly elect their student union executives. From being on and around council for many years, both this one and others in more traditional universities, this way makes sense for AUSU, in my opinion.

With only nine councillors and them having to work together for two years (or nearly two years, in this case) there’s a lot of merit to the council itself deciding who is going to lead it, as I’ve seen councils where the executive is at odds with the rest of the group and that rarely ends well even over a single year.

Brandon’s role as the VP external came with many aspects, including the recently announced appointments to various CASA committees. No information has been released as to what will be happening to those appointments, but presumably the time and travel they demand is part of what brought Brandon to this decision.

Personally, I applaud those who are able to look at everything on their plate and decide that some things need to be sacrificed to give proper attention to what remains. So I’m hopeful that this change will mean good things for both Brandon and AUSU.

In other news, the period for nominations for the two vacant seats on Council closes in a couple of days now. If you’ve been thinking of running, this is probably your last chance for the next 18 months or so. Which means now would be the time.

As to the magazine, this week, our feature article is a look at inquiry based learning. Many AU students are also parents, and if you are, you’ve probably heard of inquiry based learning from your kids’ teachers or school administrations?and if you haven’t? You will. We’re presenting a brief primer on what it is and what it might mean for your kids, and for you having to help them with their homework. The bottom line though, is it a good thing? Unfortunately, the jury’s still out on that, as Carla Knipe’s article makes clear.

Also this week, Hazel Anaka returns with her “From Where I Sit” column. Hazel’s been busy the past few weeks with?well?I’ll let her explain. I also want to draw attention this week to “The Creative Spark!” Writer Marie Well has decided to take us on a mission and presents a bit of advice in a very entertaining manner.

Plus, of course, we have news, reviews, advice, entertainment, and let’s not forget the newest Doppelgänger Cure.

Enjoy the read!

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