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Sharon expresses the frustration of trying to contact AU’s exam services to book a 3.5-hour exam. Stephanie asks where she can buy a textbook to replace the provided e-text. Cam received notice of a new course tutor and inquires where to find the omitted tutor contact info.
Other posts include full-text journal articles, hand-written exam marking times, temporarily closed courses, and courses HIST 225, HSRV 489, LGST 390, and NURS 400.

@AthabascaU tweets: “Sign up for October’s History of Women’s Political and Social Activism in the Canadian West conference! #yeg” and “The #AthaU information centre can help you with your #AskAU questions:”
@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets: “The official candidates for the 2016 AUSU By-Election have been announced! .”

One student’s take on his AU degree in, “Bachelor of Management – AU Faculty of Business“, posted by the Athabasca University Faculty of Business.

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