Canadian Education News

Canada spends more on some education than other countries
Canada spends more on primary education than other countries, but does not produce similar strong results of some other countries, according to Global News. This translates into poorer performance for employment prospects.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canada “isn’t doing a great job of keeping post-secondary graduates employed.” Canada spends more on the average primary school student and produces worse results than Belgium, for instance. “Canadian public expenditure on education” comes to 2.3% of total spending (OECD mean).

However, in spite of the poor employment prospects, Canadians have more “post-secondary education than anywhere else.”

Canadian professor criticizes “political correctness”
According to Times Higher Education, one Canadian professor criticised university policy based on “political correctness” and objected to legislation by government. The government legislation would “prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.”

Psychology Professor at the University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson, considered mandatory anti-racism and anti-bias training for human resources staff as “political training.” Peterson sees these as “associated with radical Left ideology.”

He added that it assumes that racism and bias exists at the university and that training is the best way to address this. Peterson stated human resources staff should “refuse to subject themselves to re-education regarding their putative racism and bias, unless they want to convict themselves.”

Kids being informed of the risks of sexting
Grade 4 Nova Scotia students are learning about the intricacies being safe on the internet. A story on CBC News: Canada reports how “teachers and schoolboards across Canada” are working to have students knowledgeable of online safety.

There is a growing concern around sexting amongst young people. For example, six teenage boys in the community of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, are in the midst of child pornography criminal charges for the non-consensual sharing of “intimate images.”

A 14-year-old student at Bluenose Academy in nearby Lunenburg, Eva Purcell-MacIntyre, says, “You definitely have to think about the future, and you have to think about the situation. If you are under peer pressure, take yourself away from that peer pressure.”

Scott Douglas Jacobsen is an AUSU Councillor. He works with various organizations, and runs In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal, and In-Sight Publishing.