Editorial – First and Lasts

Only a few more days remain until the United States has its election. And despite all the brouhaha That’s been brewing in the media, I expect the results will be fairly routine. Despite sometimes close national polling, state by state polling shows that Hillary Clinton’s advantage in the electoral college is almost assured. My own bet is that I expect one of the two houses of their government will become Democrat, and neither house will have enough of an advantage to break a filibuster.

This sets up the stage for four years of not much of consequence happening. Rumblings that there might be a revolution if Ms. Clinton wins are purely that, rumblings. The might of the militarized US law enforcement community is likely to make short work of any thing other than a massive uprising, and most Americans, if we’re being honest, can’t be bothered to make the effort.

But on the bright side, it means that the news will finally be able to start devoting attention to other subjects again.

Meanwhile, this week brings The Voice Magazine the first instalment of “Scholarship of the Week.” Each week, this piece will bring you some information about a scholarship you might not have heard of, including some tips on how you might improve your chances. Every student can use a few extra dollars, after all.

we’re also going to be running a special “Post-Secondary Education News” segment where we can. This is different from our regular Canadian Education News in that will keep a tight focus on issues directly relevant to post-secondary education, while Canadian Education News continues to bring us stories on a broader scope.

Also, this week will see the last music review article from Samantha Stevens. Samantha has informed me that She’s going on to a graduate journalism degree at Concordia university, so we wish her good luck with that. For me this is a loss because Athabasca University has no campus, we are students that come from no single town, province, or even country. This makes it difficult to find articles and stories that all of us can relate to, but music is one of those things. No matter where we hail from, we all know and can access music, so being able to help you find stuff That’s worth listening to is something I think fits within the purpose of The Voice Magazine.

This ease of finding music, and the difficulty of finding good music, is something Carla Knipe looks at this week in her article on music nostalgia. But our feature article this week is a look at AUSU’s Course Evaluations. Barb Lehtiniemi takes a look at the evaluations a year after they were launched, and gives you the information you need to get the most out of them.

But That’s just the start. We discuss how you might be like a fish on a bicycle, crazy quilting your essays, what went on in the last meeting of AUSU Council, dumb things you need to do, designing, and much more.

Enjoy the read! 

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