From the Post-Secondary News Desk

What’s making the news in Post-Secondary Education.

Free Tuition is Possible. The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) has published a report that calls for free post-secondary education in Canada. The report, “Time to Think BIG: The Case for Free Tuition”, outlines why the CFS thinks post-secondary education should be free. Citing barriers to education experienced by those who can’t afford it, and the sometimes crippling debt of those who can, the CFS’s report points out the need for change, and how it can be achieved. The first step, challenges the report, is to expand the limits of conventional thinking. Appended to the report is an outline from Canadians for Tax Fairness, which proposes potential revenue-producing tax reforms that could go toward funding the estimated $10.2 billion annual cost of providing free post-secondary education across the country. The report also notes the discrepancy between low-paying, temporary campus jobs with the “handsomely paid” executive wages, some of which are detailed, complete with appendices of university president employment contracts.

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