Editorial – A Bad Chicken Joke

Why’d the MLA cross the floor?
To get to the other side.

The latest news in Alberta politics, (aside from the Alberta Tuition Review, which, if you haven’t filled out already, you really should?even if You’re not from Alberta) is that a member of the Progressive Conservative Party in Alberta, Sandra Jansen, has swapped sides to the NDP.

At first glance, this would seem like nothing more than standard political manoeuvring for a better position. But looking more carefully suggests something different.

The first thing to realize is that the PC Alberta party, the one she left, is first in polling intentions and the NDP, the party she joined, is in third. Yes, the NDP is currently in government, but given the state of the Alberta economy, That’s not something that plays in their favour for the next election at the moment.

The second thing to realize is that Alberta has a track record when it comes to those who cross the floor, and It’s not a good one for the floor-crossers. Shortly before the NDP was elected, nine sitting members of the Wild Rose party crossed over to the PC party. Not one of those people retained their seat.

With these two things in mind, Ms. Jansen’s shift does not seem to be the actions of one who is simply seeking additional power. So why did she do it?

It wasn’t very long ago that Ms. Jansen was running for the leadership of the PC party. She, and one other female candidate in the running, withdrew from that race citing that they’d suffered significant harassment during a leadership convention for “protecting women’s rights” and “supporting children’s rights to a safe school environment.” Since then, the party has not indicated that there has been any sort of action against those who did this, and it seems Ms. Jansen decided that meant the party was no longer a good fit for her.

But why the NDP? Given their current popularity, and the history of what happens to floor-crossers in Alberta, it seems like a potentially career ending move. Much safer would have been to simply resign from the PC Party and sit as an independent until the next election.

While I can’t claim to know her reasoning, it strikes me that the most reasonable explanation is that she decided that if leaving the PC party would endanger her political career, rather than have her last political years be ineffective, joining the currently governing NDP could give a significant voice for her constituents by sitting her at the table crafting the policies that the majority NDP will be passing. So maybe sometimes when MLA’s cross the floor, it really is just to get to the other side.

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