20 Things

New Year’s is a time of reflection, so as I was reflecting I thought I’d write down some of my thoughts.

20 Things I’ve Learned in my Life

1. There are people you can trust and people you can’t, the important thing is to know the difference.

2. Everyone is on their own personal journey, some you can understand and some you just wonder why?

3. Soulmates don’t have to be a spouse, they can be a friend, sibling, coworker etc.

4. Parents don’t always love their children and children don’t always love their parents.

5. What goes around doesn’t always come around.

6. Grief never ends, it’s just hidden till the next trigger.

7. You can have more than one true love.

8. Some people would rather be right than happy.

9. Compassion and empathy are not present in every person.

10. People who want to be in your life, will be.

11. Some people hold grudges their whole lives, never realizing they are hurting themselves.

12. Death comes calling whether you want it or not.

13. You can love a pet as much as a person.

14. Grandchildren show us that we can love someone else’s child as much as our own.

15. Life isn’t always fair.

16. Love is the universal language.

17. Hate is evil and destructive at any level

18. Words are the only way to heal an injured relationship.

19. There is a higher power that we don’t truly understand.

20. Once a relationship is severed it can never be fully repaired.

Barbara Godin is a graduate of AU and writes the “Dear Barb” column. She lives in London, Ontario with her husband, two dogs, and one cat. She can be reached on twitter @BarbGod