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– Jan 13: February degree requirements deadline
– Jan 15: Deadline to write exams for Dec course end date
– Jan 31: Deadline to apply for course extension for March
– Feb 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Mar 1
– Feb 15: February degree requirements deadline
– Feb 16: AUSU Council Meeting
– Feb 28: Deadline to apply for course extension for April Membership

Did you know AUSU provides all members with a FREE subscription to, the world’s premier video training website?

During 2016, AUSU members watched 28,839 training videos! The most popular courses our membership viewed were:

– Access Essential Training (2013 or 2016)
– Accounting Fundamentals
– C++ Essential Training
– CSS Fundamentals
– Excel Essential Training (2013 or 2016)
– Foundations of Programming
– Git Essential Training
– HTML Essential Training
– Introduction to Photography
– Java Essential Training
– JavaScript Essential Training
– PHP with MySQL Essential Training
– Time Management Fundamentals
– Up and Running with Python
– Word Essential Training (2013 or 2016)
– WordPress: Building Themes from Scratch
– 3ds Max Essential Training

To get your free membership and start learning, visit the AUSU website here.

Fill out a Course Evaluation!

Did you complete any courses in 2016? If so, we encourage you to fill out an AUSU course evaluation.

These evaluations are different than the ones sent out by AU. Although your answers are completely anonymous, the results are posted online for other students and staff to see. This is a great resource for students when determining what courses to take, and can also be reviewed by staff and tutors at AU to help them make improvements to their courses. The more evaluations we receive, the more useful the service is!

Fill out an evaluation online here, or view the results of other evaluations online here.

AU Quick Links

AUSU wants to make sure all our members can easily find the resources and services available to them. We know sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the AU website, so we launched an AU Quick Links page, with links to AU services, department, policies, and other commonly accessed pages.

Check out the AU Quick Links page here.