Women of Interest – Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake was born August 30, 1912, in Wellington, New Zealand and died August 7, 2011, in London, England. Wake became a prominent woman in the French Resistance movement during World War II, and one of the most decorated heroines of the war. Between 1940 and 1943 she saved hundreds of Allied soldiers and downed airmen by leading them through occupied France to a safe place in Spain. In 1944 she assisted in establishing communication between the French Resistance and the British Military. As well, after the fall of France, she became a courier for the French Resistance and joined Captain Ian Garrow’s escape network. Wake’s phone was tapped and her mail intercepted, leaving her life in constant peril. Ultimately the Gestapo put a 5 million-franc price on her head. Wake’s husband was captured, tortured and killed. She claims to have killed a man with her bare hands. Nancy Wake’s remarkable life story was documented in her 1985 bestselling autobiography “The White Mouse.”

Some of Nancy Wake’s awards include: Companion of the Order of Australia; George Medal; France and Germany Star’ War Medal 1939-1945; Medal of Freedom (United States); Badge In Gold (New Zealand).

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