Women of Interest – Ann Moore

Ann Moore was born in 1934 and grew up on a farm in Ohio. She was a nurse and became one of the most influential inventors of the twentieth century with her inventions of the Snugli and Weego baby carriers. The Wall Street Journal acknowledged Moore’s design as one of the most important inventions of the past century. In 1969 Moore received a patent for the Snugli; she also received additional patents for her development of a back pack to carry portable oxygen dispensers. Moore came up with the idea while she was a volunteer nurse with the Peace Corps stationed in Togo, as she was impressed by the way the women carried their babies in fabric slings attached on their back. Following the birth of her daughter, Moore attempted to secure her daughter in the same manner, but found the baby kept slipping. Moore and her mother got together and designed a carrier that was similar in design to the ones used by women in Africa. This design resulted in the popular Snugli, which is now used by women all over the world. The Snugli design is on display in the Smithsonian Institute.