From the PSE Newsdesk – What’s Making the News in Post-Secondary Education

Equality in Education. In an International Women’s Day…by the numbers post, Statistics Canada offered recent stats on where women stand in education:
– 56.3% of postsecondary enrolments in 2014/2015 were by women
– 57.7% of postsecondary graduates in 2014 were women
– 54.2% of university degree holders aged 25 to 64 (in 2011) were women
While the proportion of women among STEM degree holders aged 25 to 34 (in 2011) was only 39%, the proportion of women degree holders in health and education-related programs was 80%. So women are making deeper inroads into male-dominated fields of study, than men are into women-dominated fields. Way to go, women!

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