Women of Interest – Ruth Wakefield

Ruth Wakefield was born June 17, 1903, in East Walpole, MA and died January 10, 1977, in Plymouth, MA. She was the creator of the world famous Toll House Cookies. Wakefield began her career in 1924 as a dietician and lecturer. Eventually she and her husband bought an inn, which they named the Toll House Inn. She accidentally discovered the recipe for her famous chocolate cookies which she later named Toll House Cookies. As a result of her recipe the sales of NestlĂ©’s chocolate chips increased, thus Andrew Nestle approached Ruth Wakefield about a business arrangement. Wakefield sold the rights to her cookie recipe to Nestle for one dollar and a lifetime supply of Nestle’s chocolate , as well they both agreed that the recipe would be printed on the back of chocolate chip package. Wakefield’s Toll House Cookie recipe continues to be the most popular cookie in America.

Following is the recipe for Toll House Cookies:

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