Music Review – The New Groovement

Artist: The New Groovement
Album: The Orange Album

A band name has never been more appropriate then The New Groovement. This nine-piece band has given us a gift with their record The Orange Album, as well as an extensive western Canadian tour. In the age of music where electric and pop are usually chart toppers, it is refreshing to hear a band with real instruments getting their due. The Orange Album recently won the Vancouver Island Music Awards. When combining so many instruments it can be easy to get lost in the many sounds, but The New Groovement have it down to a science with their catchy drum beats, funky brass section, and smooth guitar and bass licks. Not that we’re forgetting the outstanding vocals of Steph Wisla and the cool tones of Danimal House. The New Groovement is an excellent example of a large piece band.

The Orange Album gives us so much in the way of upbeat songs but is also full of meaning and purpose. It kicks off with the “Law Low Master”. This song is a great start to the album as it gives each member of the band a time to shine, especially the brass section. Wisla blows this song out of the water over an extremely catchy brass beat. Not only does Wisla get a turn on the mic, Danimal rips a sweet rap verse which you don’t often hear in this style of music but it works perfectly. Slowing it down with “Dance Heavey Master” we are treated to a more Latin music vibe that you can picture listening to in a dimly lit salsa club. Then “Mr. Smooth Master” is not only a catchy song but also hilarious. The lyrics from Danimal keep a smile on your face while still keeping in line with the addicting feel of this album.

“Bad News Master” is my personal favourite on this album. This song is great to me on so many levels. Everyone in the band has their time on the song, which is what makes this band so unique. This song also has politically charged lyrics, which is perfect timing with the state of the world we are in. Not only is this song a great hit with awesome lyrics but it has a really cool music video that you can find on their YouTube channel.

Closing off this album is “Sleep Talkin? Master”. It gives Danimal a lot more time on the mic. And it has an interesting effect near the end, where each member gets their own time to shine, ending with everyone playing together in harmony. It’s a perfect send off to this album. This song perfectly encompasses what The New Groovement is all about, which is all of these instruments complementing each other in the best way possible.

The New Groovement is hard to nail down as any specific style of genre but from the vocals of Wisla and Danimal to the large selection of instruments The New Groovement sound like a mix of The Kunxs and Tower of Power. You can find their album on BandCamp. I strongly recommend picking up this amazing album.

Drew Kolohon is an avid music fan who is finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in English.