The Social Student – Perform Your Research

So, you want to perform in front of a crowd? Or earn cash presenting your research? Or establish yourself as an expert? If your pupils dilated at least once, then get cozy with Eventbrite online software.

First, ask yourself if you’ve got some expertise? If so, synthesize textbooks on your subject matter. Use the textbook information to create a PowerPoint written in your own words. Ensure you properly source your materials.

But PowerPoints that emphasize images and minimize text stir audience appeal. So add images to your PowerPoints, relying on low-cost services such as With, you pay roughly $100 U.S. for a full year’s access to unlimited image downloads. I have full year memberships to and

Next, contact a venue that hosts non-profits at discounted rates. In Calgary, the Kahanoff Conference Center offers low-cost facility rentals to non-profits?and to students (if you ask nicely). A venue might cost you between $100 to $200, but don’t worry?recover your costs with ticket sales.

Go to, register, and create your event. allows you to promote your event on their site?plus sell tickets. Yes, charges you a small percentage or each ticket sale. Simple. You can see a sample though of what an EventBrite screen looks like below the article.

You can even integrate your event ad on your Website. If you have WordPress, for instance, you can take the code for your ad and paste it into your WordPress sidebar. Instant ad. But, if you lack Web skills, rest assured?you don’t need a Website. You just need Eventbrite.

But do use social media. Ensure you promote your event through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads. Yes, with ads you can reach a broader market than just your two social media friends. Cough.

Also use traditional advertising. Go to to get a poster or flyer made for cheap. Or better yet, use a free online design tool like to make your own posters. Once you do so, hang your posters throughout the city. I bought the paid version of, which offers more features.

If you’ve got an interesting story or news angle, phone the local TV, radio, and newspaper stations. Pitch your story to the media contacts and request their emails. Then, email your press release. Alternatively, go to media Websites, and send your press releases directly through the posted emails. But be prepared to go live on the news. I got the spotlight many times using this approach. You can, too.

But don’t stop there. Get someone to videotape the event?and post it on YouTube. You’ll have a live version. But if you just want a rehearsed version, then use a setup like Camtasia screen capture software along with a Yedi USB microphone and your PowerPoint. Polished.

Congratulations, you just visualized the steps to hosting your event. Try now to imagine steak dinners, cinemas, and shopping sprees: the profits. Now, pick your preferred expertise and plan that presentation through Eventbrite.