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Barry, who recently applied to graduate, posts encouraging words for struggling students. Sandra is offering a barely-used HRMT 387 textbook for sale. Megan wonders if It’s possible to download an e-text and have it printed. Cass asks if she can order an e-text so she can listen to the audio version.
Other posts include exam wording, studying with twins, AUSU’s executive blog, and courses ANTH 320, CMIS 351, HADM 488, and MATH 244.

@AthabascaU tweets: “The 2017 #AthaU Alumni Award Nominations are NOW OPEN! Know someone who fits the bill? Nominate away:”
@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets: “Tired of waiting? AUSU’s April Executive blog is all about AU service standards and what to do if they are not met.”
@AthabascaUBiz tweets: “Convocation 2017 is coming! Are you ready? Start by checking out our handy convocation checklist:”