Change of Scenery

We decided to unhook the spare bathroom, as there were some issues with it, and turn it into a much-needed storage room. This plan was to take place sometime in the future?however, the plumber called and had a spare few minutes right now. So he came and disconnected everything. The next day I emptied it of “stuff” and, before I knew it, we had ripped down the drywall, ripped up the floor, pulled some wiring and had a new rewiring plan set in place. One very large load to the dump later and some uncovered surprises in the wall (one being the mysterious wasp nest we could never find) and my adjacent office is a construction zone.

This change is going to be great, when it is done; finally, a decent size storage area! But, until the work is finished I’m forced to try to get work done elsewhere in the house (it is a small place) and I have been finding it difficult to find somewhere quiet to get much done, not to mention it is difficult for me to have work going on and not have my hands on it. Because of this, I was falling behind where I wanted to be with work: my cached article was used much quicker than I had intended.

I am not the type that can concentrate on work in a coffee shop (the ability for people to do this is impressive). So today I decided to put my work first and escape to the cabin where the only distractions are the birds at the feeder and the loon which appears to be having a nap in the water out front. It is peaceful and conducive to writing. I have been planning on escaping out here several times, but each time something has come up. With the room underway, and construction happening on it this afternoon, my role will come tomorrow when the one wall we left drywall on needs patching and I start painting it and the trim out. It will come when we start putting the tongue and groove on the wall. But, it won’t come today.

It feels pretty amazing to be out here for the sole purpose of getting some writing done: getting my to do list narrowed down. It is probably something I should have done sooner. There are always things we think we should do, should try, these shouldn’t be put off. Changing the scenery of where you are working can inspire fresh ideas. Whether you are working on a paper, creative writing, or solving problems, changing up where you are studying or working every now and then can have a dramatic impact on your motivation and inspiration.

The loon out front has lifted her head from the water and drifts slowly toward where I sit in the cabin. She needs to move and change locations to find the food she needs to feed herself and, eventually, her young. Staying in one place you can find order and even success, you still need to try other things, go new places, and see if there is a bounty waiting for you.

Deanna Roney is an AU student who loves adventure in life and literature. Follow her path on the writing journey at