Music Review – Foxpalmer

Artist: Foxpalmer
EP: Locked in Memory

The music scene in London has a lot to take in after Foxpalmer’s release of their debut mini album, Locked in Memory. Fronted by Fern McNulty, Foxpalmer’s style is difficult to nail down. Folk, pop, and rock are but a mere few of the many styles that grace this album. Fern uses this mix of styles to her advantage, showing off her wide range and unique tone that set this album to thrive in the busy London music scene. A strong comparison can be made between Fleetwood Mac and Foxpalmer, sharing in their haunting vocals and catchy guitar lines.

Starting the album strong with “End”, this song shows Fern’s strong points, her voice and guitar skills. The catchy and intricate guitar patterns explode out of the gate and are only made better by Fern’s passionate vocals. “End” is a perfect choice to start this album as it exemplifies her strong points while at the same time being a pleasure to listen to. Slowing things down, Fern gives us “Where Do You Sleep Tonight”. Even though this song has a slower pace it is not any less entertaining. With this song, we get to take a deeper look into the theme of this album. Passion and struggle are heavy undertones though-out this album, but particularly in this song. This message leads perfectly into the next song “Alone”.

The title would lead someone to believe that this song would be a lament, but Fern gives it much more meaning. Through her voice, Fern makes “Alone” a song about feeling incredibly sad. But she also shows how, out of such hardship, can come strength. The power that emanates from this song makes an interesting contrast between the title and the feeling, which is echoed with the entire album.

One of the final songs on the album, “In My Head”, holds on to the theme of the album while at the same time giving us a powerful finish. This song has a much deeper rock vibe than the folk and pop that we have heard in the songs before. Fern has a definite understanding of how to put an album together; the flow from song to song is perfect. It tells a story of sadness but, also, understanding. Strength can come from sadness, and Fern, though her music, brings truth to this. A pleasant surprise at the end of this album are acoustic versions of “Alone” and “Fault”. This is a nice touch as it gives us a sample of Fern without her accompaniment, which is a perfect end for this already outstanding album.

The album cover is a perfect look into what you are getting from Foxpalmer, Fern, and her guitar, as well as an intense personal journey. If Locked In Memory is a hint at what we can expect from Fern McNulty then London has a lot coming. The album is available in all of the typically digital media formats as well as on Bandcamp. I strongly recommend getting this album.

Drew Kolohon is an avid music fan who is finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in English.