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AthaU Facebook Group
Alicia seeks info on how to cite a Youtube video. Brett seeks help in choosing between three courses for science credit. Brittany needs proof of AU enrolment for an external scholarship.
Other posts include the #AthaU17 selfie contest, AUSU birthday party, and courses ACCT 355, CMIS 351, HRMT 406, HSRV 363, MSGC 312, and PSYC 400.

AUSU Forums – New!
In the Course Discussions forum, discussions are underway for COMP courses 200, 206, 232, 314, 369, and 444.

A poster seeks feedback on the course-load of ACCT 250.

@AthabascaU tweets: “Show off your school pride – order your personalized @AthabascaU gear today! ? #AthaU.”
@AthabascaUBiz tweets: “If You’re the smartest person in the room, You’re in the wrong room. #NeverStopLearning #AthaUBiz.”

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