Music Review – Bat House

Artist: Bat House
Album: Bat House

Bat House, a Boston based psych/math rock quartet has started off strong with their self-titled debut album. Featuring Emmet Hayes as bassist and vocalist, Ally Juleen and Shane Blank as guitarists and Pompy as drummer. Bat House uses strong synth elements to create deep, and sometimes eerie, soundscapes, while at the same time creating a great rock album. The physical album boasts an abstract, colourful ink blot painting with a pale pink disc and lyrical booklet. The two contrasting images can be compared to the bands musical style. Heavy synth and rock can be very different but put together can create something beautiful.

Bat House starts off with their song “Patterns”. Using a sonar like sound from the synthesizer, Bat House stands up to their name in the start of this song. After the sonar sounds subside the song uses off beats and interesting guitar lines to keep you listening. “Patterns” is my personal favorite on the album as it encompasses what this band is truly about, creating unique sounds while maintaining an excellent rock song. “Yarn”, the second song on the album, seems to take guitar inspiration from Steely Dan. Bat House again shows off its versatility using many styles. The band released a music video for “Yarn” that compliments not only the music but the rest of the album, using animation and abstract art to accompany the song. As the video progresses the art becomes more and more abstract. The video is on point with the theme the group is going for, as it uses complementing colours and styles to the CD itself.

While on some albums song order isn’t that important, Bat House has planned out their song list perfectly. Sliding smoothly into the third song, “Alright, Spaceboy”, the album takes a new turn. Compared to the first two songs this plays more into their rock style. The guitar intro is played in a staccato line while the drums are played in an off beat, creating celestial feel. The vocals are mixed and distorted to add to this space themed song. It also has a music video that you can find on their YouTube channel.

The interlude “Minnesota” blends into the next song “Woods”, which in turn moves into the “Final boss stage”. These songs are both up and down in their tempos, starting off quiet and ending very fast and strong. “Viridian City” ends the album with a loud send off. This song showcases the bands many different genres and sounds as if they are pushing their instruments to the limit.

Bat House is an excellent album. You can follow the antics of Pompy, Shane, Ally, and Emmet on their Instagram @bathouseband and on their twitter of the same username. The digital download and physical album can be purchased at their BandCamp. A full list of their live shows can be found on their website. Bat House will definitely be on my summer playlist.

Drew Kolohon is an avid music fan who is finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in English.

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