Editorial – Happy to be Wrong

I hope you all had a great Canada Day, my predictions of it being a rather low-key event weren’t quite on the mark it seemed, as by during the day itself, I spotted a lot more excitement than in the weeks before, and the flag seemed to be almost everywhere. That was one time that I was happy to be proven wrong.

But this week, Athabasca University’s big announcement was the renewal of its partnership with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada for the next five years. Judging from Facebook, a lot of people were happy to see it, but I never saw this particular partnership as being in any danger, especially considering that the new chair of AU’s Board of Governors is the principal of a large architectural firm in Edmonton. The big news would have been if either side had decided not to continue the partnership. That would have had some people talking. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and those who’ve started in the program can rest easy that they’ll have the time to complete it.

As for the Voice Magazine, this week, our feature article is a glimpse into circus life. I know It doesn’t sound like something that would feature AU students, but when reading it I became intrigued with the idea that an AU education is one of the few that would fit in perfectly well with the circus life-style. With that and the standard hoopla about the Calgary Stampede that happens around me at this time of year, I just had to give it some room here in the magazine. Plus, it’s just a good read, and that’s what we’re all about.

Also, Barb Lehtiniemi this month brings news of AUSU’s new forums. If you haven’t already participated, she makes some good points about it. Sure, the facebook group has the biggest student presence, but it has some drawbacks as well, drawbacks that a forum site doesn’t, as Barb explains.

I also want to draw attention to Xin Xu’s look at eight noodle dishes around the world. If you’re like me, the biggest source of strife in the house is the dreaded question of “what’s for dinner?” This article is a great way to answer that question. Pick one at random and see where that leads. Who knows it may open up an entirely new cuisine for you.

Finally, as it is the start of the Calgary Stampede, along with the annual parade, it seemed entirely appropriate for this weeks “From Where I Sit” article, where Hazel Anaka gives us a look of some what’s involved with being in the parade rather than comfortably sitting on the side and watching the results of that hard work glide by.

Of course, that’s just the surface of the magazine this week, as we also have reviews, events, scholarships, advice, entertainment, and an interesting graphic from Wanda Waterman’s “All the Music Be Happenin’ Now” series. So, sit back, enjoy the sun, and most importantly, enjoy the read!

P.S. If you didn’t already know, The Voice Magazine has a Facebook page and a twitter feed if You’re into that kind of thing!

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