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Manuela talks about her first ProctorU exam and notes that the no washroom rule had her dancing on her seat, and not from joy. The conversation ranged from how the exams could be made better, to AU’s credibility, and even to their accommodation for third world countries where internet is not as responsive, especially for online quizzes.

Heidi shared a link about AU’s response to the wild-fires, which started some conversation from students dealing with the effects of it and realizing they were near neighbours, as well as comments from those who had experienced other fires.

Also, questions about psychology courses, jobs in health without a degree, moving from AU to a Bachelor’s of Education, WGST310, FREN375, and PHIL367

jacxy asks if anybody’s used AU’s Virtual Office Hours at

@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets: “The @AthabascaU Library has a scheduled outage for RefWorks and ProQuest databases on July 29 from 1pm – 10pm MT. FYI!”
@AthabascaU tweets: “Note to students living in proximity to B.C. wildfires: AU has a disaster contingency plan. Full statement here: